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SEPT 2ND – lunch at Bray Sur Seine and Gurgy for night


We had planned to drive just the 20 or so kms to Bray and stop overnight but it wasn’t what we wanted.

It was a 200 carpark, but no places were actually for motorhomes, and we were concerned in case anyone parked close by on Monday morning and we wouldn’t have got out. There is a borne there, and it could be nice, but the parking was amongst the cars, and although there was a board that said where mh’s could park, it was not at all clear – so we ate lunch, having found a boulanger by Les Halles just before 1300, we were lucky.

So another look at the books and a search for aires further down our planned route….We are planning on doing a couple of tours which seem to start below Macon, and then there are a few that go over towards Mont Blanc we thought we would do.

So today we are at Gurgy….

What a find, a lovely aire, book says 10 places, but it can take 20 without any problem. We were 16th…. Got a spot, and we are literally looking at the Yonne River…. This is one we would definitely use again.





It is a lovely hilltop town, medieval from 11-13th Century and we parked by the TO where there is dedicated parking for motorhomes and also a borne.

Parking is at the Haut Ville, where obviously the old town is, so morning found us wandering through that, we went back to the mh for lunch as my back and leg was giving me a few problems.

After lunch we walked back into the old town and down to the newer part, long steepish hill down, but coming back wasn’t as bad as I had expected. Lots and lots of places were closed down there….no different than home.

Found some 20 or so motorhomes overnight. 4 Notin’s, one so obviously brand new, large with levellers, and quite nice, didn’t get offered a tour though….. they were obviously together, but left separately this morning



AUGUST 31ST and SEPT 1st


LEFT CATILLION SUR SAMBRE and drove further south, stopping overnight at Provins – well we stopped two nights in all.




TO GO or not to Dusseldorf, Duncan didn’t want to, so we drove southwards, it was flipping cold at night and we had removed the duvet from its cover and froze….daft idea of Duncan’s…. hey ho, not to worry we survived, and then drove to Cateau de Cambresis in Dept 59, but it was full up, so we drove on a few kms to Catillon sur Sambre which was also full, (but only 4 places alongside the river) but there is a large overspill car park on opposite side of river where we stopped for the night, 2nd to park there but again around 20 stopped overnight.

Quiet and peaceful, but although close to river, no view from the parking area.

Up and off next morning….


AUGUST 29th – start of holiday

Left home in plenty of time, and drove without problem to Folkestone for the train, did meet some traffic but saw no reason to it at all….typical. We got a train earlier than booked, but not as early as we could have made, but it left at 1550 which got us into Calais where we promptly went to Auchan, filled up with diesel and then shopped for cheese etc., and back up to Cite de Europe for the night. Must have been some 12 vans there or more. No problems seen.