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SEPT 11TH – Le Reposoir – again

We left Chamonix this morning, and paid our €12.50 for the day (actually less than 24/hours, but more than 15hrs)….

We decided to return to Le Reposoir for a few days, weather forecast is not good rain and thunder, seems across France, so we don’t really want to be touring in that as you miss so much.

We took a slightly different route only in as much as we kept to the main red roads, as opposed to taking off on white roads, as we had on the tour there.

We stopped around 1100 at Salanches at the Carrefour we had used the day before to top up with fruit etc.

We did have a slight problem, in that Duncan bought some replacement toothbrushes for his toothbrush, he had said these were a great price €3.50 – and when I checked out, I thought the bill was high, so checked it, and found they had charged us €13.00….. He said leave it, I said flipping No. I went to the desk and tried to explain, and did get a refund, Duncan went off to see if he had made a mistake, and he was correct, but an assistant nearby, checked it with him, and THEY had made the mistake on the shelf. Now in UK you can push for the price shown, but whether that would have worked in France I don’t know, and my French is not good enough for that….

We then drove on back to Le Reposoir and no one else was here, and we had lunch, still no one has joined us but it is only 1600, so plenty of time.

We shall see what the weather brings. It was sunny, windy and then wind droped and the cloud has come, temp inside with windows and door open is still 23.9deg…. but it has dropped in the last 30-45

We hope the bounlanger is open tomorrow…we didn’t make a note of the times…




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