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SEPT 10th Second Aire – Chamonix Mont Blanc

Well we continued the tour and arrived here just before 1500 and drove in took our ticket and will have to pay €12.50 when we leave after 16-24 hours…..not a cheap stopover. There is a borne, but I haven’t been to look, as we don’t need anything.

The parking is in the P&R Greppon area, and it is right close to the telecharge for the Aiguielle de Midi.

We what a rip off, from the way we approached it, we didn’t get to see any prices or anything, until we go to the caisse… 2 x adult tickets were €45.60 each….. what a rip off.

It takes about 20 mins in all, plus waiting for the cabins to come, and there are two to get – trouble is we didn’t think before going – flip flops and t-shirts, no coast – temps were shown to be -5deg at top!!!

TBH it didn’t feel like that, although due to cloud cover we didn’t stop very long, went up on the 1515 cabin and came back down on the 1600 – so you see it wasn’t long, but no point in stopping as you couldn’t see anything, and they packed you in like sardines in a tin….

Shame about the weather.

After that we went for a wander around the town, some very nice shops, but mainly selling ski wear and restaurants. We treated ourselves to an icecream which was very nice.

Back to motorhome about 1815 and had tea and now typing up the last three days.

A nice place, expensive and pleased to have seen it, but not really bothered about coming back.

We have toyed with the idea of doing the tourist train but at another €26.40 each, we don’t think it may be worth it…..

Off tomorrow, to retrace our steps, and we are thinking of stopping a couple of days at the aire again at Le Reposoir which was quite nice.

Weather is not due to be very good….rain. and only 14deg during day…. oh well a couple of








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