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5th September – BEAUJEAU

We had a pleasant night at the Touristique Parc and were joined by two others. Left this morning around 10am, filled and emptied our water and then drove to find a supermarket. Intermarche was selected, but when found, was not just closed but closed own, fuel was open although we didn’t need it, we couldn’t have got any as it was only 3.1m high, so having driven on a little further to Le Brieul we stopped at L’Eclerc and got what was needed, and then drove southwards towards Macon.

We stopped for lunch at Belleville, which was where we were going to do this tour from, as when finished we plan to drive eastwards towards Annecy and perhaps if Willi and Traudl are in, drop in and say hello, as I was told off by Heidi when we were in the area last, for not contacting them!

Actually we love to see them, but feel it is a bit of an imposition, and they are always busy people, so we shall see.

This tour is through the vineyards, and the roads are not even on our Michellin France 2012 map!!!! So fun is being had.

Belleville aire is literally just off A6 and a km or so off the N6, so convenient it travelling north or south, but to be honest it would be noisy and is next to the Municipal Depot that abuts the A6…. The parking is fine, the road is not on Garmin’s GPS, but we found it, the spaces are some 11m long, so fine for RV’s…. anyway lunch was OK.

The tour was very nice, vineyard single track roads, hoping not to meet anyone, and we didn’t meet anyone large to cause us or them a problem, we went up and down hills and the scenery was lovely, the weather was warm, 24/25deg, but it was very hazy and a wee bit cloudy today. A good day for driving though.

We continued on through some small villages, plenty of chances to taste the wine if you wish, and we have stopped tonight at Beaujeau which is apparently the capital of Beaujolais Region (Historically).

Wonder if we will be joined by anyone else. This is the Stadt, so there are youngesters around and about playing football etc.

Off again on tour, maybe a look at the town, but we seem to be a long way out and no sign of parking here….so we shall see.



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